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As per ‘The Forrester Wave: Un-structured Data Security Platforms — Q2 2021" research, Google Cloud is offering a First-class cloud data security platform that enables customers to balance security controls and business needs

The Reports notes that “Today, there is a steady march toward truly integrated single platform offering

As I came across this report as part of my self exploration about the ‘Cloud Security’, this drew my attention. As this is not only interesting but a good brainer, I really wanted to understand the reasons behind that big and bold research statement — And as I started reading and…

You know what ? — I’m on cloud9s at the moment………………

Few hours back, I took this test online from home and glad to see the screen showing me ‘PASS’ :)

I’m still waiting for the official certification from Google Cloud as its still in the ‘Review Process’ at the moment as shown below. But I think it shouldn’t stop me from sharing about my journey towards this epic moment!

This is a very special moment for me because I didn’t plan to take this cert but eventually ended up preparing for it looking at the context and value addition…

Hmmmm….Another day and Another <in fact very big> excitement in my journey. This time I just don’t want to express my satisfaction & feelings in words and stop there — Rather also would like to help many aspiring Cloud Engineers with my blog by providing the necessary things / references and give back to the community as much as possible.

Again, I’m Not the expert on this subject but being a learner and a newbie — I know how much this blog can add value to those who are in the same path or planning to be on the same…

Wow…Wow…Wow and just Wow :) — Does it sound familiar ? I think NOT just ‘familiar’ but ‘exceptional feeling’ right ?

Yeah, I know — Sometimes, it’s hard to find words in the dictionary which can really ‘match’ to express our feelings and I’m in that situation now for a very good reason!

Yeah…You got it right — You guessed it. I’m on Cloud9s at the moment and I might take more time to come back on to the ground. …

Network Policies in K8S

Before rightly getting in to today’s topic - First, let us try to understand the general SW application scenario and then to understand the same concept from Kubernetes perspective and finally we’ll understand about Why ? What ? When ? and How ? kind of analysis and implementations in K8S

In a typical SW Application hierarchy, we generally have 3-tier architecture implementation like Web Application layer which faces the end-user, API layer which is like a backend interface and then finally the ‘DataBase’ layer. …

No, I’m NOT actually ;)

But When I heard the term ‘Policy As Code’ for the very first time, To be frank — that’s what was my feeling. I thought someone was really making some tech-joke with me.

I heard Iaas, PasS, SaaS, FaaS and also IaaC <Infrastructure As Code>since good time but PaC <Policy As Code> is the very new term for me. It’s been there for a while but unless I came across a use-case, it never hit to my small brain

As I started really getting to know What? exactly it meant, Why? and How? and When…

We can have K8S running in multi-cluster mode or single-cluster mode based on our use-case needs. For analogy, I’m considering a single-cluster mode where it is also possible to run multiple environments inside it.

Fundamentally, the same principles do apply to multi-cluster mode K8S strategy as well but needs to bring more broader perspective to implement security in that context. So, be mindful of that note.

For any given K8S cluster, we can break it in to 4 sections like below to understand Security

  • Control Plane
  • Nodes
  • Namespaces
  • Native Controls

Now, Let’s go more in details about these individual sections…

GCP VPC Network

In case if you are looking at the Cloud Technologies as an architect, having a deep understanding about ‘Cloud Networking and its services’ is very important irrespective of the CSPs like GCP, AWS or Azure or any other.

As it’s a key component and skill-set to gain thorough knowledge, I thought of drafting out my own learnings.

I’ve been primarily focusing on GCP and all of its services from an architectural point of view and with this blog I’m sharing my views with wider audience about ‘VPC Networks in GCP’.

Keep a note that these are NOTthe expert notes’…

What’s Cooking ?

Since the time the big announcement about ‘Kubernetes deprecating Docker’ has come in to the Technology Social Media, I think it has gained lot of attention across the SW Industry especially the teams and the people dealing with Kubernetes in their day-to-day. I’m no exception :)

And Why Not?

It is such a big news from one side but on the other side., everyone wants to understand little deep about Why ? What ? and Finally When ? so that they have a plan in place to deal with it strategically

So., the same question hit me as well a…

In Software world, broken modules are daily challenges for any Software Engineer and K8S is no exception as a Cluster. Whether it’s a single node or multi-node cluster, sometimes we might end up seeing the entire cluster down too.

Welcome to the world of troubleshooting and resolving the issue/s :)

I was playing around with K8S clusters as part of Kubernetes exploration., and thought of sharing my hands-on learning about Troubleshooting a K8S Cluster in this blog.

Through this blog, I’ll try to investigate to drill-down to the problem and then fix it as a solution to make the cluster…


Human being First, followed by A Husband and A Father of Two Smiles — Rest is the Magic!

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